The Earthquake and Dam Systems Performance Project is a research effort at the National Performance of Dams Program (NPDP) at Stanford University. The program vision is to establish a real-time data collection and archival system on the world-wide seismic performance of dam systems world-wide that can be a basis for data-driven insights and models that support dam engineering and safety (Learn More).

Earthquake and Dam Real-Time Mapping

Earthquake-Dams Data Summary

Earthquakes Dams in Proximity
to Earthquakes
Magnitude Number This Year Total This Year
4.5-51 23439 498 265599 3971
5-6 19110 180 433622 1675
6-7 9651 16 428795 9
7-8 1560 5 140707 4
8+ 130 47353
Total 53890 699 1316076 5659
1The lower bound on earthquakes identified in real-time is 4.5.
2Dams located in proximity to earthquakes are identified on the basis of the earthquake magnitude and a distance within which they may have experienced some level of ground motion.